Goodbye My Sweet Angel..

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind. I feel like I was having this bad dream and it would go away. Jasmine came home from her surgery and I was so excited she was such a trooper and made it thru all of that. After she got comfy on her bed I laid down next to her.. I told her what a trooper she was and how proud I was of her fighting thru the surgery. She was panting hard.. and I knew it had to be hard on her heart.. Jasmine passed away at home around 6pm last night. I’m missing her terribly and I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better and bring her back. I know Jasmine is at Rainbrow Bridge and playing with Baily and Tiffany, too. Goodbye my sweet angel.. I love you.. always. (this is last Chrismtas’s picture) BTW, Jasmine would have been 11 years old today.. Happy Birthday Jazzie Girl.


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  1. Happy Birthday , Jasmine You;ll see my loves , Ben , and Daisy there ( she had kushings , too.) One thing you’re playing on the rainbow bridge and having fun!!! Dawn , I know I can’t ease the hurt for you now , But just as your other friends have said. You’ll see her again! and until you do she;ll have plenty of dog friends to keep her company until we get there. ((Hugs))!

  2. Dawn,
    I am soooo sorry to read about Jasmine. You didn’t mention it in our emails lately…what a terrible loss for you and your family!
    I sit here crying while trying to figure out what to say…hugs, hugs, and more furry hugs to you & her sister…you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you deeply, Dale Rose


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