Go Red Wings!! (Just Have To Share!)

Wednesday night Jan 26th I was able to get to my 1 game a year hockey game. I love hockey.. I love the aggressiveness of the game.. I love the men in their hockey uniform and the “disagreements” on the ice. I love everything about it.. its full of action and fast paced. I thought I’d share a few pictures. I wish I could bring in my Digi SLR but they frown on that. I usually get a seat on the ice but this year.. tried a different spot.. row 8 just above the tunnel and where they sit on the bench. Loved this.. I got to see all my guys in action.. close up. Woohoo!!!

Warming up for the game against the NJ Devils.. the Devilssssssssssssss!!! >:-)

In action… n stuff.. and by the way.. they won!! 3 to 1 over the NJ Devils.. Woohooo!!! Aren’t they just adorable?? 🙂


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