Friends Help Friends Enable Each Other!

Hi there! I’m back and I’m feeling much better after a few days away. I asked a friend of mine to tag along with me to the Chicago area (Oak Brook to be exact) and we had a ball. It has been a while since I was able to just sleep in, shop til I drop and eat til I feel like I will explode! Seriously.. we did! I have no regrets and we had a lot of laughs and we helped each other out enabling each other along the way. Ill share a few photos 🙂

So, first we hit The Container Store. Ever hear of it? I never had.. til I had been to Chicago. If you are into organization or need anything to help you organize .. this store is for you. Needless to say.. I think we helped out Chicago’s economy! We spent.. oh… 2.5 hours in this place? It is huge.. and so many COOL ideas! See that bag Pat has… cool find right there.. at the Container Store. We then were hungry.. so we had to stop at Cheesecake Factory.. not once.. but twice.. roll me home! Oh my!

Ok.. this is another favorite of mine.. thank goodness we do NOT have a Cheesecake Factory nearby. Holy cow! Can you say.. 100000000 calories? LOL. Yowza it was sinfully good. My favorite dish: Chicken and Biscuits.. to die for! Tastes just like my grandma’s. Yum! Pat loved the Mac N Cheese Cheeseburger. For dessert, we couldn’t leave without cheesecake, right? Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake was definitely a thumbs up!

I shouldnt show this..  but.. it just shows how much fun Pat had while out of town. We did stop in a contraban type of place.. shhh.. but really.. it was fun to look around and to be inspired and to get some ideas along the way.. and I did, too! I found some really cool magazines with templates, and the favorite of mine… Card Creations Magazine (which has a lot of SU stuffed showcased in it as well!).

So then we had to get to Ikea on our way home.. and I found some cool things.. however I couldnt locate this cart that I want for my studio for my big shot and all my dies.. I will get my hands on one yet.. for sure!

Isn’t it just cool? It would work perfectly.. Hmm… then I found this funky way cool lamp and it had my imagination going wild..

So, I really should show you something creative today too! We made this at stamp club last week. Jenny, you so rock! I was eyeing this on Shelli Gardner’s blog and fell in love with it instantly. When Jenny took the time to make a template for us and told us we’d be making a bat, I was over the moon. So, I just have to show it off..

Now that I am going “batty”.. I must fly.. and find something to eat.. Take time to get inky!


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  1. Ok, where is the “like” button for that lamp??? Oh my word! I love it! (…and you just enabled me, eeek!) Looks like you had a great time. You can’t go wrong with friends, shopping and yummy food. Lovein’ that ittle bat, too! Hugs!

  2. We had soo much fun, I’m ready to go again. I have to say I was overwhelmed at the container store. When you see me walking out w/the bag, it’s because the lady forgot to take the tag off that makes the buzzing noise when you walk out the door. Dawn is right, we both enabled each other & our husbands agreed.


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