Friday Night Live Blu Moon Style – Yumm-O!

Hey Everyone.. its Dawn.. c’mon at cha liveeeeeeeeee, from Michigan! You know.. sometimes ya just need a lil something to get ya through “stuff”..tonight it was Sushi for me! Yep, I went to the Blu Moon (again!!!) Im soooooooo dang addicted. What can I say, I just love that lil bistro! They just started to make sushi – the only place in town and its YUMMY! So, I thought Id share my little sushi experience with ya. Sushi is an “art” after all, right?? Oh and the creme brule.. FAB!!! Speakin of art, I did take some indoor pics of Blu Moon to share – cute decor! I love the frames and how they “hang”. After dinner I roamed the streets of downtown as Ludington has “Friday Night Live” 4 fridays in the summer. Its kinda cool! I found a 14 yr old gal playing and singing blues… who was out of this world! Way to go girl! Seriously.. i was VERY impressed. I found a local store that carries Trollbeads (watch out!). I got the cutest little troll – he rocks! I roamed further and found the LFD trucks.. so guess who had to be a ham?? Me!!! Ok, so I’m a big kid.. and proud of it! We are all a kid at heart at times.. arent we? C’mon baby.. light my fire!


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