Feeling Discombobulated!

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I really do appreciate it. I have been trying really hard to keep my creative mojo to stick around and this month has been crazy. I know May is nuts for me anyway. The inn has a lot of responsibilities this time of year – prepping for all 45 rooms to be open, the pool to be set.. and I’m leaving on Thursday for the Stampin` Up! Incentive Trip to the Mediterranean. I am very blessed. I accomplished this and never thought I’d be “one of those” who earn an incentive trip.

epic cruise ship

I want to apologize for not sharing more crafty posts. In the middle of all the planning I need to do before I leave the inn on Thursday, I’ve had some glitches to deal with. The first being, help.. employees. I am stressed out about this. Just when I think I have it all covered, the employee thing comes into play. Sigh. I’m doing what I can with that. Whatever else happens, I have insurance, right? This is worse than leaving a child behind. Seriously. I have my “baby sitter” for my desk. I started to hire housekeeping.. the groundkeeper quit.. and a pool is opening on the Friday I am away. Deep breath! Ive never left my Inn on a holday.. in 26 yrs.. so this is HUGE for me.. a big step. Maybe Ill realize I should consider retiring soon?

I didnt realize how much is involved when leaving the States. First and foremost.. my cell service so I can be reached if anything at the Inn happens. Done! Just hoping the employees at Verizon really know what THEY are doing. Im making lists of numbers in case of things breaking, emergencies happening.. and trying to cover all bases.

The funny thing is.. NO matter how prepared I help my desk staff be, in the 26 yrs of me owning the place, there are still things that happen that are new. There is never a dull moment being an Innkeeper – that is for sure. Some day I will write a book, “The Crazy Life Of An Innkeeper”. LOL.

So, long story short, life has been nuts. I’m trying hard to get some posts ready that are actually “creative posts”, while I am away. I’m excited to play with new products and make pretty things! I really am! I just need my days to be twice as long!

Thank you for still hanging with me and being a party of my blog. I truly appreciate you. I really do. It means the world to me that you take a moment to peek by my little corner of the internet world. Now, back to stamping so I can share the good stuff.. cards!



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