Chasin the winter blues away.. using some new stamps.

Happy Thursday. It is a sunny one. I got out today.. for a change. In the winter Im a hermit. I hate the cold, I hate driving in the snow.. even looking at the snow makes me cringe. Im just not made for winter weather. Why do I live in Michigan? I’m really not sure sometimes. Summertime has its benefits but winter.. bleh! So, to chase a day of blehs.. Lucinda had the day off, and we stamped all day long. The day started with brunch complete with mimosa (ok the mimosa was a mistake.. sorta.. I felt sleepy after eating.. almost too relaxed to think – I have to stay away from alcohol when I stamp!). But, as we got going.. we really went to it. We each made 26 cards. We dug into some new papers and stamps that I just had delivered thru stamp club. It was fun! I was digging making valentine cards. We had warm chocolate chip cookies.. and then later.. pizza for dinner. We made a full day out of it. Here are some of the cards we made. I hope you enjoy.


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