But but but……………..

Ruby? Where are you? Rubyyyyyyyyyyyy… hey.. c’mere…. (no response.).. Hmm.. what are you into?? *goes up the stairs.. into the family room*.. OMG.. Ruby.. you ate the whole container??? (no wait.. there is 3 left).. Rubyyyyy.. bad doggies! OMG! She is now giving me the look of.. “mom, I think I want to throw up”. Sigh. I tell ya.. Ruby is like a kid who is 2 years old. I left a bag on a chair in the room where Im keeping all the wrapped gifts.. (shame on ME) and she found a PetsMart bag. One less thing in her stocking. Thank god she didnt eat the foil around the opening.. just chewed it and spit it out.. that lil bugger had to work hard at getting this canister open. I have to give her credit. Now, will this cute lil puppy get sick tonight? Stay tuned…!


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  1. harhaharharhar!!! I’ve never seen a dog stop and say “I’m full now” … or is that a look of “I’m not feeling too well” …. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!! Vito had is major surgery on Tuesday …. we brought him home late yesterday .. he’s one hurtin’ little boy right now … now we wait for all the pathology reports to come back.


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