Blog Hoppin` Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Wednesday.. which is also “pre blog hopping” day here! Woohoo!! I hope you are excited as I am. I am having some PC issues. Thankfully I have a macbook pro get my post ready. I “hope” I’m savvy enough. I am new to Apple computers. In fact, today, I went to Grand Rapids (about 90 miles from home) to take a class on this mac stuff. I came home to hear that the electricity went out while I was out of town. It was out for a few hours and…….. it toasted my power supply to my PC. Ack!!! My crutch is gone.. I’m forced to use my macbook tonight to get this done.. wish me luck!!!

So, on that note… I better get cracking! I was going to post a tease photo but.. I better stick with the basics and get my homework done here…

Stay tuned… blog hop is tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it!

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