Big Sable Lighthouse, State Park and Back To Ludington’s Harbor Lighthouse

I know I have said this before, but I take so much for granted here in my little town of Ludington. The population of about 9,000 people and where wal mart does put us on the “map”. I had company this past week and when you entertain, you think of things to see and do. I was a tour guide and I took the time to explore my own area. I don’t get to do this often. I’m an Innkeeper and usually I am working 16 hour days through the summer. I pout because so many get to enjoy the beautiful summers and I’m working. This past week I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the area. There is nothing more peaceful than a walk on our lighthouse, watching the sun set, hearing the faint voices on the carferry saying “bye” as those on the pier wave them bon voyage and the sounds of the waves splashing against the rocks. The Big Sable Point Lighthouse was built in 1867. A lot of history and stories are kept here. It is a 1.8 mile hike out to this historical landmarker. 3 days a year, the state park allows a bus to run out to the lighthouse for a small fee and makes it easier to visitors to explore this beautiful untouched area. I decided not to go to the top – as I have done this before. 130 steps this time around didnt sound too pleasurable with the high humidity.. but the view is spectacular on clear days. After the adventure to the Big Sable, we then explored the State Park quickly.. the river, the dam.. and a trail. Yesterday, we ventured to the city lighthouse just one more time. I was hoping for some clouds here n there.. it would have made for some extra fabulous pictures. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow…

Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Ludington State Park:

Back into the State Park and Dam… 

Yesterday’s adventure back to the lighthouse…..


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  1. Hi Dawn. Thanks for your comment about my blog. It’s nice to know that my day-to-day ramblings are being read somewhere in the world. I’m using a Fuji Finepix camera at the moment as my Nikon D60 SLR is in for repair as my hubby dropped the camera bag and broke the lens!!
    Your pictures of the light house are great and I love the ones with the reflection of the sunset. Thanks for stopping by :0)

  2. You’ve had lots of company to help you learn to enjoy your beautiful area .. is that fall coloring I’m seeing already?? Beautiful photos … love the sun reflecting on the lighthouse we went to.


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