Being a tourist.. again! Yay!

So, this is the year of catching up on sightseeing my area. I love it! I have a friend visiting from New Zealand. Yes.. that tiny little island the other side of the world. He (Neill) is here in the states for 6 weeks and Michgian has been his first stop. We went for a “tiki tour” as kiwi’s call it.. venturing down the backroads. We ended up in Silver Lake which is about 30 miles or so south of Ludington. We found the state park and also the Little Sauble Point Lighthouse. We then went the back roads thru Pentwater and to the South Pier on the penninsula just outside of Crosswinds and took a long walk there. We walked a few miles today. I thought I’d share some of the scenery. Ludington and the surrounding area is so pretty.. and I take for granted the beautiful scenery that is here. I hope you enjoy! Tomorrow.. we are taking a 20/20 Photography class with Brad & Todd Reed. I’m looking forward to this.. it should be a lot of fun!


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