Before And After

Lots of little things to do yet.. BUT.. Here is the (embarrassing) before photo of the bathroom.. actually, 2 pictures. Keep in mind, this has not been touched in 30 years. (Scary!).

 Now.. this was taken this morning. The fixtures need to be installed and the toilet. The grout has to cure for 10 days and I’m waiting on a glass door for the shower (to make this shoe box appear to be a bigger room. The linen cabinet used to be inside the tub/shower area (yes.. this was a goofy set up.. whoever built this home was a fry short of a happy meal). So, this is the improved shoe box…

My bedroom needed some touch ups as well.. i had carpet almost as old as I am in there.. it was dark brown. Ugh! The walls were off white.. I needed some color.. so, added some trim on the ceiling and changed it to some soft greens, and waiting on half of my linens from Pottery Barn but did get my sheets and Duvet Cover and my shams.. so here is what the bedroom now looks like.. with a soft creamy linen colored carpet and my pretty walls.. (getting there.. but I still need those “cute” pillows to dress up the bed).
I think inside those cool frames I got from Pottery Barn.. I want ZZZ’s in them.. wouldn’t that be cool? So, now that that is done.. I’m off to check my suitcase bout 10 times.. to make sure Ive packed that kitchen sink. I hope to post while I am in Vancouver.. I hear its awesome and I cant wait to photograph stuff and see my good friend, Maureen!


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