Another Sneak Peek – Digital Style!

Hi Everyone! I am checking out something I got to order in advance being I’m a demonstrator. We have the chance to order a digital design and “product suite”. This is called Fan Fair and wow.. I love it! This layout took me 5 minutes.. all I had to do was add the photo. This was a pre designed layout from a full book you can design and print. So super cool! I love that SU offers suites with full book layouts and all you have to do is drag and drop your photos. You want to get more creative like I have in the past? (see some previous posts).. you can do that too and design from the “bottom up”. Soon there will be an upgrade and for those who will purchase MDS 2 will get those upgrades automatically. I can scrapbook on the go! I love it! Ok.. here is my layout of my little girl, Krystal!

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to take a little time to get creative and inky! Have a good night!


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