Am I Crazy??? …………… Tag 4

Ok.. a story on this tag. Today.. I try to peek at the tag while heading to a craft show. The service for my droid is crap and in Pentwater I cannot get a good enough signal to get to Tim Holtz’s page to see tag 4. So, I proceed to go to Pentwater. I go to the craft show to see Jenny and her mom. It was good to see her and she had an awesome booth with pretty things! Then, I get home.. and hop onto Tim’s blog. I see the tag and read all of the supplies… and I think.. OMG.. I dont have THAT (the bling on a roll from Michaels Craft store). Ok.. do you know where I’m headed with this??? LOL Michael’s is only 90 miles away. Uhuh… you guessed it. I got in my car and decided to go to Grand Rapids (yes, 90 miles away) for……. you guessed it.. bling on a roll !!! LOL. Ok, I have done some nutty things.. this is no surprise. I get something in my head and I have to get it out 🙂 So, after I got home.. I proceeded to do laundry and make my tag. Just a warning… Michaels is getting rid of bling on a roll and it was discounted. They will be discontinuing it.. so if you havent gotten your bling.. ya better take a cruise to your closest Michael’s and grab it up. Hopefully, your Michael’s store is closer than mine! 🙂 Take time to cruise and craft! LOL Enjoy…………….. tag 4.


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