A Tisket, A Tasket .. It Is An Adorable Easter Basket! A Video To Go With It, Too!

Another Photo Of The Video Project!

Hi Everyone! How are you? Getting ready for the Easter holiday, this Sunday? f you’ve got 5-10 minutes, a couple sheets of cardstock, a stapler and sticky strip (double sided tape), you are set to make these OH-SO-CUTE paper baskets just in time for Easter!

I have made a video for you. Please excuse my angle in part of it, I am still in a learning curve with videos. I will get the hang of it though, I promise! It is actually fun to watch and I hope you enjoy it! Click on the link below!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Uz47grzWh5o width=1000 height=600 anchor=”Click Here To View The Video On How To Make This Adorable Basket! Enjoy!”]

Cut your strips!

Basket: 5 strips 10″ x 1.125″ (I love the woodgrain from Honky Tonk and have now used up every inch I had of that paper)
Rim: 3 strips 12″ x .75″
Handles: For a single handle like mine, 2 strips 6″ x .75″.
For a traditional center handle, 1 or 2 strips 9″ x .75″

  • Start by running adhesive along the entire length of one 12 x .75″ strip. Then press and staple your five strips.
  • (Please note that I will refer to these strips 1-5 going left to right.) Bring your rim around into a circle and staple closed.
  • Bring your rim around into a circle and staple closed.
  • Now #2 goes next to #1 and so on until you get to number five which squeezes into the last spot. You’ll notice that each strip comes up a little shorter than the last, don’t worry you’ve done it right.
  • Before you do anything else, you need to decide what to do for your handle if you’re having one at all. I like mine to be the same print on either side and so I first glued two strips together. For a single handle like mine, staple in place with two strips in between. For a center one, staple in place directly across from each other.
  • Now run tape along another .75″ strip. With the seam at the front, tape this inside the basket and staple the ends once in place.
  • Now run tape along your last .75″ strip and with seam at the back press this over the top of all your staples. Slide your stapler inbetween your handle and staple rim in place at center back

Thank you so much for stopping by today! It is sunny here today.. 2 days in a row! I LOVE it! Winters in Michigan are so gloomy – I get so excited when I do see Mr Sunshine. I hope you have some in your part of the world, too! Take care. Make sure to take time to get inky! *hugs*





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