A special box from Stampin Up arrived for earning the Incentive Trip that we would be at right about now. Want to see what was inside?

Last year was a really good year for me with my Stampin Up! business. I always strive to work for the dangling carrot of the Incentive Trip. Once you earn one, you want to earn them every year. Its my personal goal. Unfortunately, Stampin Up! had to make a very tough decision to cancel traveling this year as it had to be decided back last October. But.. Stampin Up! never disappoints. I received a box today – and into next week we have some special virtual trip things planned – I can’t wait!

You help make this dream possible for me. I thank you. I am grateful to each of you who support me and my Stampin Up! business. I truly mean that. I am very blessed to have such an amazing team and the BEST customers ever. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say for the gratitude I have.

Would you like to see what was in this box?

Ok.. let’s take a peek!

Inside that big white bag, is a very plush bath robe! I also receive 2 Stampin Up! ceramic mugs, a very yummy smelling candle, and .. oh my.. Air Pods! And.. Stampin Up! also made a Trip Achievers Play List on Spotify! How cool is that?!

Wow.. such thoughtful gifts to pamper ourselves for a lot of persistence and hard work. I love what I do. I truly love to share my hobby and offer great customer service. I want each of you to love making pretty things as much as I love to create. Thank you.. for everything! Love you guys!


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