A Late Post – I’ve Been Having Fun!

Hi everyone! Yikes.. I didn’t post! Ok, I have to admit something.. I really just needed a “day off” kinda sorta. It was so nice out today, that I really wanted to be outside and taking advantage of the nice weather before it goes away! It is sunny, in the mid 70s and it feels more like summer than fall today! I love it! The Inn is now decorated for fall! I love fall decor! I thought I’d share a few pictures of today’s adventure! Melanie came over to help decorate too and was a HUGE help!

decorating for fall

decor 1

decor 2 decor 3

decor 4

decor 6

Being a “stalker” LOL.. silly kiddo!

I hope you are having a beautiful day as well! Now, back to work.. *turns on the light to her studio*.. I’m going to make something pretty and get inky! Stay tuned!!


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