20/20 Workshop With Todd & Brad Reed

I totally enjoy taking classes with Todd and Brad. They are amazing people in general. They are talented as well. Todd and Brad Reed and local photographers and they rock. I could spend time daily with them and always absorb some great information from them.. and learn so much. I want to be like them with my photography when i grow up. Tonight after a short break for dinner we all met up at the end of Ludington Avenue and walked the break wall. I have to say, the fall class I took I was more on the ball.. and took some great pics.. this time I wasnt so crazy with my skills. I was off and just didnt seem to get too many “wow” factor shots. However.. here are a couple that are okay.. thank you Todd & Brad for sharing your passion.

This was interesting!……. I think it was a lower laker making a visit to Dow Chemical…

This was cool.. it was the reflection of the sun into the water….

This was the break wall rocks….

I wont take credit for this.. and this is my favorite of the night.. Todd coached me on this one..

I want to get into night photography a bit more.. and its killin me that I’m still having problems grasping getting my photos to look great in darker conditions.. but this one Im okay with.. its not wowing me tho..

Always take time for you.. and be creative! 🙂


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  1. No offense to Todd, but I think the lower laker and the night shot are MUCH stronger photos than the one he coached you on.


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