12 Days & 12 Ways To Washi – Stampin` Up! Style Day 4

Good Morning! How are you liking the washi tape ideas? Getting inspired to try it out? It is so easy to work with and really, very forgiving. It sort of reminds me of painters tape.. just sticky enough but it can be repositioned easily. I found this plastic frame at the Dollar Store. The back has a magnet, so you could put it on your fridge. Pretty cool! Decorate with the Epic Day Designer Washi Tape.

Washi Tape Day #4

Plastic Frame With Magnet

Plastic Frame With Magnet

I had my 10 yr old niece help me make a few of these.. its that easy! Your kiddos would love working w/ this stuff.. think of the toys and things they could cover! Have fun with it.. the sky is the limit! Have a great day! Take time to play with the washi! Thank you for being here! *hugs*

PS Leave me a comment (see the bubble just below the title of the post?) – click on that bubble and say hi! Let me know what you are using your washi on!


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