12 Days & 12 Ways To Washi – Stampin` Up! Style Day 12 Twisty Ties! Let’s Do The Twist!

The 12th Day of ways to washi! I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have! I will find more ways to use this wonderful sticky stuff, but for now, we will end today.. with doing the twist! I hope to make a video on this for you guys.. these are so easy to make it is ridiculous!  I have been a paper crafter since, before paper crafting was “cool”. Really! I have a stash of stuff that you wouldn’t believe.. and I went digging through things.. and I found Artistic Wire that I have had for I bet.. 10 yrs. At the time, I had to have every color they made. I am a little excessive at times *ahem*. Anywho.. I was thinking.. why not make twisty ties!? Sandwich a piece of wire between two pieces of Washi Tape.. trim the ends nicely and TADA.. twisty tie! What a great way to “tie together” a project! Check these photos out!

Come to think of it.. this project is a “twofer!”.. not only did I make the twisty ties, but the tags, too! I just cut out tags with Very Vanilla Card Stock, and decorated them up randomly and stamped a greeting on them

Washi Tape Day #12

Twisty Ties

How cute huh? Here are step by step photos and then, a few more of the finished project. I apologize for the quality of the photos. The lights in my studio do not help. I tried to tweek them but this is as good as it gets.. I am not a photoshop gal.. that is way too complicated for me. You’ll get a better idea though with these pics on how to do this.. I know I myself, am a visual kinda gal!

Step #1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Better yet, lets show you a video! Enjoy!

And now.. a few more pics of the cute chocolate gifts I made:

Twisty Ties With Washi Tape

Twisty Ties With Washi Tape

Twisty Ties With Washi Tape

Twisty Ties With Washi Tape

I hope you enjoyed today’s projects.. the twisty ties AND the tags, too! If you have a quick gift you need to get to someone.. this may just be the ticket! I hope I have inspired you to dig into the washi tape and stick it to everything you own! Even.. your bike, the car, the kitchen sink! Seriously though, have fun with it. It is an easy embellishment that makes a big punch to projects. Give it a try.. and I promise you will be Washi Tape addicted, too!

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! Make something pretty and get a bit inky! *hugs*


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  1. hey dawn,

    that was a great idea for the washi tape, I think I have some wire laying around too, so going to go get inky!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Dawn, thank you for sharing the nifty washi tape treat bags with us.

    I love love love the idea.

    I’m going to use that Idea for Halloween treat bags.

    have a wonderful day.


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